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Our real estate agency deals with sales and purchasing of homes , rustic stone farmhouses, apartments, villas, cottages, castles, farms with farm holiday licences, luxury real estate, farm land, building blocks both residential and industrial throughout the whole of the Province of Piacenza, specializing in the Val Tidone, Val Luretta, Val Trebbia, Val Versa, the Oltrepò Pavese and its towns and villages, namely Castel San Giovanni, Borgonovo Val Tidone, Sarmato, Ziano Piacentino, Vicobarone, Pianello Val Tidone, Trevozzo, Pecorara, Nibbiano Val Tidone, Agazzano, Piozzano, Gazzola, Momeliano, Rezzanello, Pigazzano, Pieve Porto Morone, Santa Maria della Versa, the city of Piacenza and its suburbs.
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Reference: Borgo Poggio Diola
Type: House
Valley: Val Tidone
Bedrooms: 1- 2 - 3
Bathrooms: 1 - 2
Finishes: Perfect
Cellar: Yes
Box: Yes
Land or Garden: Yes
Height above sea level: 350 m.s.l.m.
Distance from
essential services:
500 metri
Anno di costruzione:  2016
Classe energetica:  Esente
Indicatore prestazione energetica:  0,00 kWh/m2
Price: € 47.000,00

Prices range from € 49,000.00 to  €. 300,000.00.  For further details and information visit www.borgopoggiodiola.com or call 335 206640.

In the hills of Piacenza, in Vicobarone a quiet village, part of the municipality of  Ziano Piacentino (Pc) which is a part of the Tidone Valley and just 65 Km from Milan on the S.S. 412, you will reach Borgo Poggio Diola, a recently constructed  building complex, nestled in the higher part of the town, with excellent exposure to sunlight and a stunning view of the surrounding hills which are fundamental requirements people who love living in the country, you can enjoy the convenience of living within a small village but also have the convenience of  being just a few kilometres from Castel San Giovanni (PC), which is the major hub of the Val Tidone. The residences are ideal as a first home, for a quiet relaxing lifestyle, or as a second home in the hills being just a short distance from Milan. Currently Borgo Poggio Diola consists of 28 dwellings with 8 already sold. Each residence is individual and in perfect style of the village, typical of the hill country. Some residences are equipped with gardens others with terraces. Each residence offers a panoramic view of the hills. The property includes garages and parking spaces.

Some examples of the types of finishes: double glazed, douglas fir framed windows wooden or tiled floors, steel radiators.  Many homes have a fireplace. The service systems have  to be completed. Energy certification will be drawn-up at the completion of heating system and the position of the boiler in the various residences as they are sold. The choice of materials and insulation guarantees high energy saving with a good final efficiency classification.

Reclaimed antique materials, woods and “graniglie” (stone chips set in cement) tiling are the peculiarities of Borgo Poggio Diola, which has a charming internal courtyard in stones, pebbles and old granites. Prices range  from €. 48,000.00  to € 300,000.00 For further details and information visit www.borgopoggiodiola.com

For ulterior information and inspection of documents please contact the office on 335 206640. We are available for appointments and visits.



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