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Our real estate agency deals with sales and purchasing of homes , rustic stone farmhouses, apartments, villas, cottages, castles, farms with farm holiday licences, luxury real estate, farm land, building blocks both residential and industrial throughout the whole of the Province of Piacenza, specializing in the Val Tidone, Val Luretta, Val Trebbia, Val Versa, the Oltrepò Pavese and its towns and villages, namely Castel San Giovanni, Borgonovo Val Tidone, Sarmato, Ziano Piacentino, Vicobarone, Pianello Val Tidone, Trevozzo, Pecorara, Nibbiano Val Tidone, Agazzano, Piozzano, Gazzola, Momeliano, Rezzanello, Pigazzano, Pieve Porto Morone, Santa Maria della Versa, the city of Piacenza and its suburbs.
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Reference: Rustico for sale
Valley: Val Tidone (Piacenza)
Home: 120 mq
Outbuilding: 100 mq
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Finishes: To be restored
Cellar: Yes
Box: Parking
Land or Garden: 8400 sm
Height above sea level: 100
Distance from
essential services:
5 Km
Anno di costruzione:  ante 67
Ristrutturazione:  Da eseguire
Classe energetica:  G
Indicatore prestazione energetica:  400,00 kWh/m2
Price: € 165.000,00

Italy, Region of Emilia Romagna, Province of Piacenza, first hills of Val Tidone, near Castel San Giovanni, in an easily accessible position, in a quiet setting away from the chaos of the city, a real estate complex consisting of a farmhouse on two levels, as well as an accessory building with bathroom and overhanging porch. The house consists of a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, as well as two cellars. Porch in front of the house. To be restructured. Cl. En. G Ipe 400. Open view. Panoramic position. Land in the body of approx. 8.400, partly planted and fenced garden. IDEAL FOR DOG AND HORSE BREEDING ACTIVITIES. €. 220.000, 00 We evaluate interests!

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